Summer 2020

Georgia and Tim(Heritage Hall-Lethbridge Exhibition)

Logan and Jennifer (Taber Civic Center)

Rayna and Luke (Milk River)

Kayla and Zachary (Taber Legion Park/Cadet Hall)

Jozie and Jace(Taber Civic Center)

Shelby and Josh(Elks Recreation Park)

Jena and Kyle(Italian Center)

Kasey and Corey(Taber Civic Center)

Paige and Dylan(Taber Civic Center)

Chalsea and Justin(Taber Civic Center)

Angie and Earl(Taber AirCadet Hall/Legion)

Ashley and Chad(Readymade Hall)

Phyllis and Rick(Paradise Canyon)

Angie and Dean(Taber Legion-upstairs)

Kelly and Wyatt(Readymade Hall)

Cody and Taylor(Taber Civic Center)

Jessica and Stuart(Taber Stake Center)

Kodi and Riley(Norland Estates)

Denise and Greg(Taber Civic Center)

Jessica and Cody(Taber AirCadet/Legion Hall)

Krystle and Jason(Taber Civic Center)

Stevie and Eric(Taber Civic Center)

Castle Mountain Resorts

Kananaskis Resort Lodge

Sue and Scott(Taber Legion-Upstairs)